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Self-watering plant Peropon cute animal A couple of weeks ago I came across adorable little ceramic animals that lap up water to feed the plant on their backs. These are called Peropon and come in various shapes and sizes. I couldn’t resist them, picked a favorite and ordered it. I chose the dog – I…
Photo: Elegant White Kitty Watch I haven’t worn a watch for a long time, and I really wanted to get a nice new one. Then I came across this one and I ordered it immediately. A nice watch with an elegant, feminine kitten on it, a white strap and cute accessory.
New Mini Game: Alpaca Battle I’ve added a new kawaii game to the Mini Games section: Alpaca Battle! A small, simple battle game that allows you to give your alpaca a name and battle an enemy alpaca. Can you beat the enemy before your alpaca faints?