Review: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Review: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Tokyo Otaku Mode Review

Let me start off by saying that this is not my first experience with Tokyo Otaku Mode; I’ve been making purchases on and off ever since I discovered it in 2015. After my first time use of Tokyo Otaku Mode, I fell in love and continued to come back every now and then to see if there was anything more I wanted to buy. The thing is, this website features a lot, and I mean a lot of Japanese merchandise and products. The wide variety ranges from the popular Alpacasso plushies by Amuse to items designed by Japanese artists.

This time, I purchased:

Now, let’s review Tokyo Otaku Mode!


The site is very well designed and looks very appealing to browse through. There are plenty of images for each product so you can clearly see the details of what you’re about to purchase. When you add an item to your shopping basket, the item is reserved for 15 minutes. This is so that Tokyo Otaku Mode can actively manage their stock. After 15 minutes, the items are removed if you did not yet continue to make your purchase. If that happens, you’ll have to go back and find the products that you placed in your basket. I avoid this by keeping tabs open with items that I am interested in, and only adding them to the basket when I am close to making a purchase.

When a product is out of stock, there will be a message stating whether there are any plans on restocking the item. You can always add it to your wishlist and hope for the best.

Tokyo Otaku Mode Clear File Folder


The items are packaged securely and neatly in a box with enough room for your goods not to become squished, and with either plastic or paper material for padding.

The shipping costs and time depend on your location. For me (Europe), the shipping costs are quite high; at least 10 to 15 dollars. In fact, it used to be a minimum of $15 dollars but they changed it and added several options to choose from. Smaller items can now be shipped for as low as $6. But I find that I can’t really tell how many small items I can add before bumping up the shipping costs… this makes me wait longer with placing another order.

When I first ordered in 2015, my orders were always delivered within about a week. The quickest being just 6 days! This order, however, took quite long: 6 days until it was shipped and another 7 days from that date to delivery. So I’ve waited a total of 13 days for this order. Quite long, compared to my previous orders! I’m sure that must have to do with the shipping option that I chose. I don’t mind though. I know eventually my package will arrive – and it always does!

Tokyo Otaku Mode Back of Clear File Folder


What makes Tokyo Otaku Mode especially awesome are the freebies that you receive with every order. No matter how big or small your purchase, you’ll at least receive a file folder featuring a beautiful illustration. In the past, in addition to receiving the clear file folder I’ve received pins and this time I received a sticker!

Get $5 for free

If you are new to Tokyo Otaku Mode, you can easily get a free $5 upon registering if you use my invite link. The $5 can immediately be spent on anything you like! And you know what’s cool? If you sign up with my invite link, I’ll receive $5 as well! It goes like this:

  • Sign up using my invite link (thanks!)
  • After you completed your registration, you’ll have $5 on your account
  • That’s all!

But wait… now that you are registered on Tokyo Otaku Mode, you can invite people using your code and those people will then receive $5 and so will you. This is a very generous feature of Tokyo Otaku Mode. Let’s make use of it and enjoy our favorite items!

Final Verdict:

In short, Tokyo Otaku Mode (Japanese company) is definitely a reliable source for Japanese otaku goods catering to fans overseas. And that at very fair prices. My main obstacle however, are the shipping costs. It makes it quite pricy to buy a few smaller items. Especially when import costs are charged (the price can easily double!). This is why a lot of coupons they give out are not profitable for me; in the end I would pay more than the discount I got due to import duty taxes. I would much prefer it if it was possible to lower the shipping costs, even with a minimum order amount of let’s say $15.
Other than that, there’s not much to nitpick about Tokyo Otaku Mode; it’s a great website with tons of Japan and anime related products at reasonable prices, which are sure to reach your doorstep as soon as possible after you placed your order!

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