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Review: Super Mario Maker Wii U

Review: Super Mario Maker Wii U

Super Mario Maker Wii U

I grew up playing Super Mario Bros for the NES. The one with Duck Hunt. To date, it is still my favorite edition of the Super Mario Games, along with Super Mario Bros 2. So when I saw the announcement of Super Mario Maker, and the added option to play games with the graphical settings of one of my favorite NES games, I knew I wanted to buy this game.

Super Mario Maker is a game for the Wii U in which the player can build their own Super Mario levels and play others’ levels online. It was released in September 2015, as part of the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.

The game features over one hundred different amiibo costumes which can be unlocked in-game by completing the 100 Mario Challenge. The amiibos, however, are only usable when playing the NES style Super Mario.

Super Mario Maker Wii U

What can I do in Super Mario Maker?

The game allows its players to create their own levels and to play the levels other people have created. Creating your very own level is actually very easy and straightforward. You can use the Super Mario graphical style of your preference and you can choose from various objects, items and enemies to use in your very own course. Once you’ve finished designing your course, you can upload it – although not before finishing it yourself. This to make sure your course is actually doable!

When you’re done designing your own course, you can go ahead and play some of the sample courses or courses made by other players. If you like a course, don’t forget to star it! With more stars, players are allowed to upload more courses. Initially, you can only upload up to 10 courses.

Super Mario Maker Wii U

What is lacking in Super Mario Maker?

The game is fun, but it could also use some more features… here are a number of suggestions.

  • A search function! What disappoints me, is how very few people make use of the amiibos in their maps when they choose the old NES Super Mario graphical style. I would love to be able to search for maps with a theme. I see a lot of “[name]’s adventure” maps, which are often very much fun to play. In fact, I make such themed maps myself. If only I could search with maps based on Shyguy, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Side Stepper, etc…
  • Use amiibos as ‘dolls’ If it was possible to place amiibos as dolls or items in a map, this would allow for a lot more creativity in creating maps. Think of a map themed ‘rescue Luigi’! You build a breakable barrier around the Luigi amiibo, so that when you free him, you’ve basically ‘rescued’ him! Or any other character, of course. This of course means it is necessary to somehow disable the usage of the item; the amiibo would merely be an unusable object that disappears upon touching it. Much like a coin or 1 UP mushroom.
  • Where’s my suit? There are multiple suits missing from the other Super Mario games – the frog suit being one of them. It would be nice if this one would be added.
  • Water tiles Either you’re on the ground, or in the water. But why not both? And while we’re at it, add that big fish that wants to eat Mario, the one that jumps out of the water to try and get you!
  • Angry Sun And finally, my last suggestion is the angry Sun. This could possibly add a lot of excitement to the maps… if done right!

Super Mario Maker Wii U

Final verdict:

Super Mario Maker is a super fun game with endless possibilities. I enjoy making maps, playing other people’s maps and unlocking amiibos by playing the 100 Mario Challenge. What I dislike, though, is that some of the ‘expert’ maps are simply unfair; starting the game off by dropping Thwomps on your head, unleashing a horse of Chain Chomps or launching you into a ditch by releasing a trampoline on your head. There is nothing ‘expert’ about these types of ‘THINK FAST!’ maps and only make you go through your 100 lives quicker. Luckily, there are plenty of playable and challenging expert maps. Actually, after the update of 4 November 2015, it seems as if the maps in expert mode now contain even more almost impossible maps than before. Doing the expert mode is really the only frustrating thing about the game, but sadly it is necessary to unlock amiibos. Unless you purchase them.

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