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Review: Fruit Bunny Mania

Review: Fruit Bunny Mania

Fruit Bunny Mania

Fruit Bunny Mania is a free to play puzzle game app created by Ezjoy, who also created popular games such as Cookie Mania and Garden Mania 2. Fruit Bunny Mania features tons of levels to play through, accompanied by high quality, bright and eye-catching graphics.

The gameplay is straightforward: you create chains in the fruits, which you feed to your animal buddies. There is a bunny (of course!), reindeer, bear, monkey… but wait, there’s another bear. It’s an enemy though! Sometimes you’ll have to try and defeat a boss bear by creating chains with the right fruits, to take down the bear’s HP bar.

When levels become challenging, you might want to use a magic item to make it through. Magic items are not free, although you can earn them in-game by logging in daily and exchanging stars. Worry not though – although you might need a few tries to get through a certain level, with luck you can most often make it through.

Fruit Bunny Mania

Graphics & Sounds

The graphics are of very high quality and entertaining to look at. The animal buddies are all animated and your gameplay screen will never look static. These cute animals, combined with excellent music and sound effects make Fruit Bunny Mania a very enjoyable game to play.

Fruit Bunny Mania

Final Verdict:

Fruit Bunny Mania is an addictive, easy to play game. You match and link 3 fruits of the same color together to progress through the game. The longer your fruit chain, the more effective. You can earn up to three stars per level – the fewer moves you need, the higher your score will be. Stars can be exchanged for special items.

You can pretty much play as long as you like, but when you’ve used up your five lives, you’ll either have to wait until they are refreshed or you simply spend a dollar to refresh them immediately.

The game is completely free to play, and is supported by ads and in-game purchases. The ads are non-intrusive and in-game purchases are not necessary. There are literally hundreds of levels you can play for free in Fruit Bunny Mania. My rating? 4 out of 5. Plenty of entertainment, good amount of challenge and amazing graphics. This game sure is a lot of fun.

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