Review: Cat Coin Bank

Review: Cat Coin Bank

Cat Coin Bank

For Christmas, I decided I would purchase a Cat Coin Bank to give to my dad as a present. I shopped around on eBay for a while and came across this cute kitty piggy bank. It looks much like the Itazura Coin Bank, however it is not the same. Where the Itazura Coin Bank is about $20, I managed to get this one for about $15. This is excluding shipping costs; with shipping costs included, the price difference would be about $15 to $20. I figured it’s a good price if it works just the same. So, I went ahead and ordered it.

Soon enough, it arrived (albeit a little bit dented) and it was time to test it! After all, I did have to make sure I got a working item as a present. In fact, I’ve read people buying this item as a gift in advance, forgot to test it only to find out it didn’t work a month later…


Mechanical kitten coin bank helps you save money. It runs on 2 AA batteries (not included in the order).
To use this coin bank, put a coin on the fish plate and the cat will snag it.

Material: ABS
Size: 12x10x9 cm (4.7×3.9×3.5inch)
Weight: 0.315kg (11.1oz)
Manual: English / Chinese

Cat Coin Bank

Cat Coin Bank – what does it do?

When you put a coin on the fish on top of the box, the cat pops its head out from the box, puts its paw on the coin and drags it into the box.
To make this happen, all you need is two AA batteries and switch ON. Then you put a coin on the fish plate (lightly press it down) and the cat will snag it, dragging it into the box. If you want to get it out again, you can use a different coin to open it up from the bottom (or use your nail). Make sure you’ve turned off the device before doing this.

I have a feeling it will become quite difficult getting all the coins out once they’re in, so I would recommend emptying it regularly to save you the trouble from needing to grab the coins with just two fingers from the hole on the bottom.

Cat Coin Bank

Final Verdict:

If you don’t mind that this is not an original Itazura Coin Bank, it’s a great novelty item that does its job. When you use it, it’s a little loud and what the cat says is not audible. However, it’s cute and works how it should – the loud sound or inaudible noise the cat produces does not take away the fun anyone can have when putting a coin on the fish plate!

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