Pocket Pikachu Color

Pocket Pikachu Color

Pokemon Pikachu Color

I recently took out my good ol’ Pocket Pikachu Color (Pokémon Pikachu 2) – a Pokémon themed virtual pet game featuring Pokémon #25 – Pikachu!

Pocket Pikachu Color is a simple virtual pet game. It actually doesn’t require much effort on your part, since Pikachu takes care of itself. You can’t really call it a game, since Pocket Pikachu Color is much easier to take care off than a tamagotchi pet, but Pikachu looks more detailed than a tamagotchi. On top of it, it’s in color!

The main feature of the Pocket Pikachu Color is the built-in pedometer which counts every step you take.

Pokemon Pikachu Color

How does Pocket Pikachu Color work?

By walking around wearing the device on the rim of your pants (or anywhere else safe), you will earn Watts. Watts can be used to play a mini game with Pikachu (higher or lower) or give him a present. Watch out though; if you give Pikachu a present of 10 Watts, he’s not going to be happy! If you want to see Pikachu’s thankful expression, you’ll have to give at least 400 Watts. Wanna see him ultra happy? Try giving 999 Watts – he’ll make a triple back flip!

Around 7 AM, Pikachu wakes up and takes a shower. You can peek… but if Pikachu notices that he is being watched, he’ll get startled and hide. During the day, Pikachu eats (and always brushes teeth after eaating!), plays games, exercises, watches tv, fishes, digs and more. Just turn on your Pocket Pikachu Color every now and then and watch what Pikachu is doing!

Pokemon Pikachu Color

Pocket Pikachu Color always features a clock and an alarm (which you can create a custom melody for). Moreover, you can send/receive gifts with friends and it is compatible with Pokémon Gold & Silver (through the infrared port).

Items you can get in Gold and Silver: Eon Mail, Berry, Bitter Berry, Mystery Berry, Gold Berry, Great Ball, Max Repel, Ether, Elixer, Revive, Rare Candy.

Game: Higher or Lower

Pocket Pikachu Color has only one game: Pikachu will show you two cards and you’ll need to guess whether card two is higher or lower than card number one. If you guess right, you’ll earn watts. If you guess wrong, you’ll lose watts. The Ace (A) is the highest card, followed by King (K), Queen (Q), Jack (J), 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. This game can be tougher than it seems at first.
You can stop playing at any time and you’ll get the watts you’ve won so far.

Pokemon Pikachu Color

Let’s be friends!

There are several statuses you can achieve, which will reflect your level of friendship with Pikachu. The status can be: Strangers, Playmates, Friends, Best Pals…. and maybe some more I’ve missed. The more you do with Pikachu, the better he likes you! But if you suddenly start neglecting him, this will be reflected in the Friendship Status.

Final Notes

I ordered the Pocket Pikachu Color at a toy shop when I was about 15 or 16 years old. I insisted on getting the Color version from Japan. Alternatively, there is a black and white version available in a yellow casing.
The battery of this device lasted very long – well over 5 to 6 years. I boxed up the device for a few years and recently took it back out. Naturally, the battery didn’t work anymore and all saved data was lost. I replaced the battery with the one from my old computer.

Oh yeah, Pocket Pikachu Color seems to be quite a robust little device – I have actually dropped it on the floor on multiple occasions and it still works fine, save for numerous scratches on the display if you look at it with the right lighting…
Anyway, this is why I attach it to a string and attach the string to something that I am wearing. This is way, if it falls, it won’t hit the floor. 🙂

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