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Behind KawaiiSwirl

KawaiiSwirl profile pictureWho, me? Of course, you’re curious! I’m a 30 year old blogger from the Netherlands. I have been on the Internet ever since I was 13 years old and, well, as many others, got sucked into the culture of Anime/Japan/Cuteness. I have been building websites ever since and launched this niche website in 2015, fully dedicated to kawaii and everything Japan-related.

Kawaii – a word with its origin in Japan – means ‘cute’ and not just any cute – Japan Style Cute! Where the English word ‘cute’ is often used for Western style cuteness, the word ‘Kawaii’ is used to mainly describe cuteness as they know it in Japan: characterized by bright colors and big eyes (if applicable). This style speaks to many people, hence it has become so popular!
Kawaii is more of a niche, where cute can really describe anything. This website focuses on super cute things, so I chose the word ‘kawaii’, so that it is easy to see for everyone what they can expect when visiting KawaiiSwirl.com.

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